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    Newsletter June 2021

    Emails and
    Photos of the Jewish cemetery from Pabianice that Pawel Kulig and his organisation the “Guardians of Remembrance” Asssociation whom organised the clean up and the commemoration:

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    Wednesday, 9 June 2021
    Subject: Commemoration of the Pabianice Jews
    Hello, I am very sorry for not having written to you earlier. We have been very busy and I would like to send you a small update from our activities. On 16 May we organized the commemoration of the 79th anniversary of Pabianice ghetto liquidation. It was a very moving celebration during which a historian and town guide talked about the history of the ghetto. It was an opportunity for all of us to remember and honour the memory of those who were killed there. I am enclosing photos.

    On 23 May we organized cleaning of the Jewish cemetery. Thirty-one people came to clean it and to hear some information about the history of that place and its role in the history of Pabianice. We continued the cleaning activities on 30 May as we want to finish it completely. Our activities made the Town Council and the President of Pabianice interested in the whole issue.

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    They decided they would also like to commemorate the Jewish community and for this reason they invited me to the meeting with the President on 26 May during which we determined what the town is going to get prepared for the anniversary.

    The President will hang a new plaque in the place of a synagogue and to put a memorial in the place of the former Kruche-Enger stadium so that official celebration can take place there next year. We are very glad to hear that and we are sending you this information. You asked me about an error on the plaque and why it should be changed. The plaque says that the synagogue was destroyed by the Germans, while in fact it was pulled down in the 1960s. Let’s keep in touch and I hope we are going to meet during the 80th anniversary celebrations.

    All the best,
    Pawel Kulig

    From Jack Ekstein:

    Dear Pawel,

    I am very surprised and very happy to hear that you have organised an official commemoration on Sunday 16th May 2021, being the 79th Anniversary of the Liquidation  of the Pabianice Ghetto 1942.

    And also organising on the Sunday 23rd May 2021 the first action of Jewish Cemetery cleaning in Pabianice.

    My community and I very much appreciate what you and your organisation are planning and we hope that the City of Pabianice support your endeavours and we wish you well.

    On the matter of the synagogue memorial plaque in Pabianice could you please explain the historical mistake that exists and what changes you would recommend for a replacement plaque.

    I have visited the City of Pabianice on two occasions once in 2005 and the second time in 2016 when I met with the Mayor of Pabianice at a civic function.

    Personally I would like to congratulate you on organising and helping restore the Jewish Cemetery of Lodz

    Best Wishes
    Jack Ekstein (Eksztajn)
    President of the Pabianice Landsmanshaft of Melbourne

    Sent: Thursday, 6 May 2021 7:21 AM
    Subject: Commemoration of the Pabianice Jews


    My name is Pawel Kulig and I am the President of the “Guardians of Remembrance ” Association.  

    I am writing to you concerning the memorial plaque commemorating the synagogue in Pabianice. Unfortunately, on this plaque there is a historical mistake. The synagogue was not pulled down by the Germans during the war but it was pulled down in the 1950s. We would like to correct this unfortunate error and to hang a new plaque which would commemorate this event in a correct way.

    As we would like to keep the memory of the ghetto alive, on 16 May we are organizing a rather low-key – due to the COVID pandemics – official commemoration of ghetto liquidation in Pabianice. Next year we are going to commemorate this event more solemnly. I would like to get in touch with you so that we can cooperate in order to commemorate Jewish community in this city.

    On 23 May we are organizing the first action of Jewish cemetery cleaning  in Pabianice because we want to get this place back to its proper condition.

    Best wishes
    Pawel Kulig
    President of “Guardians of Remembrance” Association


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